We provide solutions to better retain, attract and serve your customers

Our unique mix of businesses means that we can:

  • Offer a complete outsourced solution for the design, development, promotion and operation of any pre-paid or loyalty based marketing program
  • Provide a secure, cost effective and interoperable ‘cloud’ based pre-paid and loyalty transaction processing platform
  • Create unique marketing and distribution channels for your products
  • Deliver an end-to-end, fully automated secure electronic solution to streamline and enhance your transaction, payment and document processing

Smartvisit Group

We offer a complete, end-to-end solution for the design, development and operation of consumer pre-paid, loyalty and membership programs.

  • Outsourced program management solutions for the operation of gift, pre-paid debit, loyalty and membership programs.
  • E-signature solutions for electronic management and processing of documents.
  • Leaders in the design, development and promotion of consumer pre-paid flexible tourist experience packages.