Smartvisit System

The Smartvisit System is a fully automated, end-to-end program management system for the operation of pre-paid or loyalty marketing programs.


  • Automation of back office functions;
  • Simple and cost effective to implement;
  • Customisable to meet specific customer requirements;
  • Internationalised system;
  • No banking transaction processing and clearing costs; and
  • Integrates fully with existing third party systems

The system utilises any form of secure electronic consumer device, most often a card with a magnetic stripe or smartchip, (Smartvisit Card) to validate, track and process the issuance and redemption of benefits offered to a customer by the pre-paid or loyalty program.

The database is scalable allowing for a cost effective approach to customer loyalty management and gift card issuing with the following features:

  • Utilises the latest technologies, be it smart chip or magnetic stripe cards or a mobile phone device, the system offers a range of specialised loyalty data and customer relationship management functionality not readily available
  • In depth financial and management reporting – SORSE online Reporting and Sales Engine) www.sorse.com
  • Invoicing and interfaces to enable electronic payment processing in multiple currencies
  • IP and ISDN secure authentication interfaces to 3rd party systems – may operate independently or be integrated into 3rd party systems
  • Approved to operate within a multi-application banking point-of-sale credit/debit card device environment
  • Integrates into existing credit/debit card EDC terminals and 3rd party point-of-sale / property management/ CRM systems.

Standard API’s and customised integration solutions offered for EDC Terminals, accounting software packages and point-of-sale and property management systems.