Prepaid Tourist Experience Packages

We design, develop and promote iVenture Card sightseeing products that deliver significant value and enjoyment to tourists and benefits to the wider tourism industry of the destinations we serve. We have developed packages in Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan and are expanding around the world.

Using leading edge smartcard technology and with best practice marketing to promote a paid experiences at major tourism destinations, our award winning iVenture Card packages encourage independent tourists to visit, stay longer and see and do more. We partner with both government and the tourism industry at large to enable us to deliver a co-operative marketing tool which encapsulates the destination experience in a single product.

iVenture Card packages offer visitors over a set duration of time with clear, no strings attached benefits for a single price.

Benefits include:

  • Free entry to cultural, wildlife, sightseeing tour and theme park experiences;
  • Free gifts or discounts provided by restaurants or retail shops; and
  • Access to exclusive visitor services
  • Reference guide to included experiences and benefits

The wallet sized iVenture Card is electronically loaded and reloaded with tickets or credit that is redeemed each time the card is presented to a participating merchant. Merchants simply validate and process transactions through standard payment or credit card point of sale devices.